Welcome! I've created this website or digital scrapbook so to speak hoping to inspire others from my travels around the globe. I will be sharing my experiences, travel notes, tips, places I love to eat and sleep. In simplest terms, welcome to my life for the last decade: travel, dining, falling in love, parties, hotels, airplanes, weddings, beaches, being heart broken, more travel, and all the outstanding experiences in between it all. For quite some time I've always had a profound passion towards photography. The beauty of capturing memories is that looking back I'll notice things that I missed or be reminded of things I've forgotten. Interestingly, sometimes the truth about things reveals itself only when we look back at the photographs.

Naturally, photography manifested the desire to wander the world automatically opening my eyes to travel and luxury hotel destinations. I didn't have a clue what I was missing out on until I experienced the very best, it was a game changer ever since. I have become more selective than ever with where I sleep, eat and relax. An important aspect when I spend so much time traveling the world is the quality and characteristics of a firm bed and clean bathroom with hot water. It becomes a constant concern, as well as any major topic of conversation. I've been around long enough to realize that discerning travelers want the very best, a heavenly bed that satisfies even more than the one at home, extreme interior design that tickles the senses, authentic local cuisine with flavors to savor for life, exclusive service that puts the guest above all else, and in the end, an experience unlike any other. Travel to me has always been more than just visiting a new city and seeing the sites. It's a combination of experiences. Exploring a new place is equally as important as intertwining the hotel experience, especially when it is at a very good level, so good it distracts you from wanting to leave the property. Then again who says you have to?! That's the beauty of travel, you define your own rules.

Visual content is the main focus of my website. I'm hoping to share my knowledge on how to maximize the benefits of booking luxury travel and taking advantage of exclusive amenities and perks found mainly through ClassicTravel.com. I discovered not long ago that ClassicTravel.com offers special Virtuoso rates and benefits that I could not find anywhere else! The wonderful perks passed along helped enhance and refine my travel experiences. Most of my photos would not have been made possible if it were not for the countless perks received from Classic Travel's Virtuoso benefits. They also take personalized customer service to a whole new level while maintaining consistency and passing on benefits to their clients. I use to think that traveling to any destination was all that mattered and that any lodging would suffice. How clueless I was back then before being exposed to a new world of luxury travel.

I Hope you enjoy the visuals I've curated for your viewing pleasure.